Microsoft Windows Vista (Longhorn)

Introduced: 2007-01-XX

Description: Successor to XP. Supposed to introduce a much simplified user interface API called Avalon, that will be at the core of Longhorn's new "inductive" interface, likely to build heavily on XML.
Also includes a new service: WinFS (Windows Future Storage), running on top of NTFS (or FAT32?). WinFS was earlier rumoured to be a filesystem.
Longhorn may or may not be released as server version. Said to include support for DirectX Shader Model 4.0.
The latest info indicates that WinFS and Avalon will been jettisoned from Longhorn for it to be ready for launch in 2006. The dropped features will then be queued for possible future introduction.
One rumour earlier claimed that it would be named 'Microsoft Windows e-XPedition'.

Type: Software [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Planned

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2004-09-01 Microsoft to create Xbox-PC joint code base The Inquirer [rm]

2004-08-30 Microsoft guts Longhorn The Inquirer [rm]

2004-08-30 Microsoft Sets 2006 Target for Next Windows Version AnandTech [rm]

2004-08-27 Avalon faces axe as Microsoft dismembers Longhorn The Register [rm]

2004-08-27 CODE NAME AVALON: Create Real Apps Using New Code and Markup Model Microsoft [rm]

2004-08-27 CODE NAME INDIGO: A Guide to Developing and Running Connected Systems with Indigo Microsoft [rm]

2004-08-27 CODE NAME LONGHORN: A First Look at Writing and Deploying Apps in the Next Generation of Windows Microsoft [rm]

2004-08-27 CODE NAME WINFS: Revolutionary File Storage System Lets Users Search and Manage Files Based on Content Microsoft [rm]

2004-08-27 What is Microsoft Indigo? Microsoft [rm]

2004-08-27 Microsoft revamps its plans for Longhorn: update To get next version of Windows out on time, company says it will delay some planned features. ZDNet [rm]

2004-08-25 ATI's "Fudo" to have Shader 3.0 The Inquirer [rm]

2004-08-13 Longhorn needs DX 9 card The Inquirer [rm]

2004-08-01 Microsoft supporting Blue Laser? What about Blu-Ray? Err, maybe The Register [rm]

2004-06-20 When Microsoft Longhorn arrives, whither 32-bits? The Inquirer [rm]

2004-05-24 Gartner attacks Microsoft over Longhorn The Inquirer [rm]

2004-05-13 Microsoft rolls out server road map: Longhorn Server out in 2007 The Inquirer [rm]

2004-05-06 Microsoft shows off Longhorn's communication abilities: Make calls through your OS The Inquirer [rm]

2004-05-05 Gartner says Longhorn migration will be painful: "Mainstream by 2008" The Inquirer [rm]

2004-04-09 No Windows XP SE as Longhorn jettisons features The Register [rm]

2004-03-15 Windows Server update to precede Longhorn The Inquirer [rm]

2004-03-02 MS Longhorn screenshots debut The Inquirer [rm]

2004-02-27 Redmond giant to release "Windows XP Reloaded" The Inquirer [rm]

2004-02-06 Microsoft to preview Whidbey toolset The Register [rm]

2003-12-30 Writing an end to the bio of BIOS C/Net [rm]

2003-12-16 MS moves into 'get Longhorn on the road' mode The Register [rm]

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