Intel Nehalem

Introduced: 2008

Description: Nehalem was a new design built using a 65 nm process with half the die size of a Northwood. Was supposed to use a 1200 MHz (or a 4 GHz bus as some rumours claim) bus and start at 9.60 GHz before continuing to 10 GHz+.
Nehalem is now changed to be the name of the family succeeding Merom, Conroe and Woodcrest, which is 45nm and will include Whitefield, Gainstown and Bloomfield. The Nehalem platform will use the Tylersburg chipset

Type: Processors [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Planned

Quick Specs

Bus speedCSI / QuickPath
Process45 nm
Transistors731 M
Memory8 x FB-DIMM

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News clips relating to Intel Nehalem

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2007-10-26 Intel roadmaps next-gen Extreme 'Nehalem' chips The Register [rm]

2007-09-18 Intel Developer Forum 2007 - Day 1: Nehalem, Intel's GPUs, 32nm and More AnandTech [rm]

2006-06-20 Intel Life After "Conroe":  What's the absolute bleeding edge in Intel CPU design for the next five years? "Penryn," "Nehalem" and "Gesher" DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-24 Nehalem won't have eight CSI links The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-22 Intel Nehalem will have lots of interconnect links The Inquirer [rm]

2006-04-29 Core, Nehalem, Gesher: Intel: New Architecture Every Two Years Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-02-19 Intel's next next next gen mobile is called.... The Inquirer [rm]

2005-05-02 Intel shuffles chip architects about The Inquirer [rm]

2005-03-12 Intel Woodcrest is Xeon, and Conroe is desktop The Inquirer [rm]

2005-03-08 Pentium M to get 64-bit support, Extreme Edition The Inquirer [rm]

2004-12-13 Intel Blackford gets taped out, Nehalem re-emerges The Inquirer [rm]

2004-04-13 Intel: Itanium, Xeon to be interchangeable  InfoWorld [rm]

2004-03-07 Intel discloses a Fister full of Montecito The Inquirer [rm]

2004-03-05 PC Watch Impress: Fister, Barrett & roadmaps PCWatch [rm]

2003-11-26 Intel dual core desktop chip to arrive 2005 The Inquirer [rm]

2003-09-26 Pentium V will launch with 64-bit Windows Elements The Inquirer [rm]

2003-08-29 New Intel Roadmap: clockspeed increase slowing down? Ace's Hardware [rm]

2003-07-02 Intel Tejas pictures up on web The Inquirer [rm]

2003-01-29 10.20GHz Intel Nehalem slated for 2005 The Inquirer [rm]

2002-10-09 Pentium 4 mk8?: After Prescott and Tejas, meet Nehalem The Inquirer [rm]

2002-09-30 Pentium 8 spotted on the wibbly web: New codename: Nehalem... The Inquirer [rm]

2002-09-30  PCWatch [rm]

2002-09-30 Future Intel CPU: Nehalem: Interview with former Intel employee Ace's Hardware [rm]

2002-09-30 Intel CPU core transition guesstimate PCWatch [rm]

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