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Intel Merom

Introduced: 2006-07-27

Description: Mobile processor succeeding Prescott-M and Yonah built on a 65 nm process. Accompanied by the Crestine chipset. Recent rumours claim that Merom is a major new core design with multiple cores and, depending on version, 2-4 MB of cache, which will also form the base for the next desktop chip, Conroe. Said to consume about 45W.
Earlier said to launch in 05-H2 or 2007, prototype chips has been out since May of 2006.
Merom is part of the Santa Rosa Centrino platform, succeeding Napa. Said to be used in future Macs.
Bus speed to go up to 800 MHz in 2007-H1.
Will be named T7600, the T7400, the T7200 and T5600.

Type: Processors [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Released

Quick Specs

Bus speed667 (later 800) MHz
L2 cache2-4 MB
L1 cache32 kB D, 32 kB I
Process65 nm
Core speed1.83 - 2.33 GHz
Transistors167-291 M
Power45 W (ULV:9W, note 34 W)
TypeMobile w IA32e
Pipeline14 stage

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News clips relating to Intel Merom

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2006-09-01 "Merom" to Power Upcoming iMacs:  Reports suggest that Apple may skip Conroe completely DailyTech [rm]

2006-07-27 Intel Unveils World's Best Processor: New Product Line Delivers Record Breaking Performance While Consuming Less Power Intel [rm]

2006-07-19 Merom to top 50% of Intel notebook processors in 1Q 2007: Intel plans to raise the proportion of Merom to over 50% of its notebook processor shipments of in the first quarter of 2007, making 64-bit dual-core models the mainstream in the ... DigiTimes [rm]

2006-07-17 AMD Mobile Price Cuts, New CPUs:  AMD Mobile Turion and Sempron price cuts and more DailyTech [rm]

2006-07-17 Intel Santa Rosa to include Windigo: NAPA'S LIFE as a notebook platform is assured until the second quarter of 2007, Intel told its partners last week. The Inquirer [rm]

2006-07-14 Intel's Mobile Platform to Support DirectX 10 Graphics: Intel's Santa Rosa to Feature DirectX 10 Graphics Core Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-07-07 Intel Forecasts "Santa Rosa" for April 2007:  Tax refunds and "Merom" notebooks DailyTech [rm]

2006-07-07 Intel "Socket P" Decoded:  New mobile socket for "Santa Rosa" DailyTech [rm]

2006-06-15 Intel Set to Integrate Memory, Graphics Controllers into Microprocessors.: Intel Talks about Future Processors, Trends Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-06-14 Intel "Santa Rosa" Desktop Platform Detailed:  Intel prepares to make a big splash into notebook and small form factor PCs DailyTech [rm]

2006-06-09 Intel's range of dual-core CPUs tested The Inquirer [rm]

2006-06-09 Core 2 Extreme Benchmarks:  Preliminary results from around the web DailyTech [rm]

2006-06-08 Intel Sales Chief Readies Industry With New Products, Technologies Ahead Of Widely Anticipated Processor Introductions Intel [rm]

2006-06-07 Gigabyte gives 'Merom' room in mini media PC: But the A963's not as cute as the Mac Mini... The Register [rm]

2006-06-06 Intel "Santa Rosa" Platform Notebook Spotted:  ECS gives a glimpse into the future DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-30 Intel's Dual-Core 9W "Yonah":  Single digit TDP envelopes for all! DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-26 Intel 2006 Mobile CPU Roadmap Update:  Intel adds another socket to the lineup, 800MHz FSB notebook processors and much more DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-14 Intel claims 40% performance gain with new Core 2 Extreme processor Tom's Hardware [rm]

2006-05-11 Intel tempts developers to multithread The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-11 Intel talks up 'Centrino 4' for SFF PC makers: 'Santa Rosa' not just for notebooks The Register [rm]

2006-05-10 SIS says she's ready for Microsoft Vista The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-08 Intel to call 'Conroe' and 'Merom' Core 2: Intel's upcoming next-generation architecture processors 'Conroe' and 'Merom' will be branded 'Core 2 Duo', onl... The Register [rm]

2006-05-07 Intel brands desktops and laptops the same The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-07 Announcing Intel Core 2 Duo:  "Conroe" and "Merom" get a name and a birthday DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-01 Intel Core versus AMD's K8 architecture:  How does the Athlon 64 architecture, known as "Hammer" or "K8", compare with the newly announced Intel Core architecture? Does AMD have a chance to compete with the latest state of the art I... AnandTech [rm]

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