Intel Presler

Introduced: 2006-01-05

Description: 65 nm chip dual core chip including Vanderpool (a virtualization technology) to succeed Smithfield. Likely to run at 3.6 GHz and above. Previously known as Blue Pressler. Is in fact two Cedar Mill chips bonded together. Uses the i975X chipset.

Type: Processors [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Released

Quick Specs

Die size140 mm2
L2 cache2x 2MB
Process65 nm
Transistors376 M

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News clips relating to Intel Presler

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2006-06-19 New 65nm Pentium D Processor Steppings, Errata:  65nm Intel processors get a revision update DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-31 X-bit's Investigation: Data Transfer Rate between the Cores in Dual-Core Processors Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-05-08 Intel to call 'Conroe' and 'Merom' Core 2: Intel's upcoming next-generation architecture processors 'Conroe' and 'Merom' will be branded 'Core 2 Duo', onl... The Register [rm]

2006-05-07 Announcing Intel Core 2 Duo:  "Conroe" and "Merom" get a name and a birthday DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-02 Intel Quietly Begins to Sell Intel Pentium D 960 Processor: Intel Pentium D 960 Processor - Available Today Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-04-29 Core, Nehalem, Gesher: Intel: New Architecture Every Two Years Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-01-27 Chipworks unscrews Yonah and Presler chips The Inquirer [rm]

2006-01-23 The processor wars Part I, "The death of Alpha": Q&A with Nebojsa Novakovic: To the outside observer, improvements in PC architecture are evolutionary but logical. Processors advance inevitably in speed and performance, in happy acco... DigiTimes [rm]

2006-01-16 Intel readies 65nm Celeron D CPUs: Exclusive: Faster Presler and Cedar Mills, too The Register [rm]

2006-01-05 Intel CEO: Latest Platforms, Processors Form New Foundations For Digital Entertainment And Wireless Computing Intel [rm]

2005-12-30 Intel's Pentium Extreme Edition 955: 65nm, 4 threads and 376M transistors:  Intel's first 65nm processor has now launched, but the question is what can a 65nm process, 4 threads of execution and an incredible 376 million transistors brin... AnandTech [rm]

2005-12-28 Intel's 65 nm Process Breathes Fire into Double-Core Extreme Edition: Intel's first 65 nm double-core processor seriously merits the hyperbole of its Extreme Edition name. The 3.46 GHz, FSB 1066 and 4 MB L2 device shows that... Tom's Hardware [rm]

2005-12-27 Intel announces Presler without Nvidia SLI support The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-22 Intel shows off Presler in Slovakia The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-18 Dual core Pentium Presler XE runs fine at 4.26GHz The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-07 Intel to launch Presler on 27th The Inquirer [rm]

2005-11-02 Intel flicks switch on second 65nm fab: Fab 12 goes live The Register [rm]

2005-10-25 Intel's 65nm Processors: Overclocking Preview:  Today, we provide a preview of Intel's upcoming Pentium and Pentium D processors built on their new 65nm process. We focus on overclocking potential and power consumption.... AnandTech [rm]

2005-10-12 Intel Moves From Dual Core To Double Core: Having looked at Intel's upcoming 65 nm Pentium 4 Cedar Mill, we had to also check out what its dual core counterpart, Presler, would be able to do with its doubled L2 cache. Tom's Hardware [rm]

2005-09-09 Intel prepares to roll out 65 nano Pentium 4s The Inquirer [rm]

2005-09-09 Intel readies 955 Elvis Presler Extreme CPU The Inquirer [rm]

2005-08-27 Intel's upcoming chips revealed: Note: Either Intel can't spell Montecito, or everyone's got it's name wrong... :) The Inquirer [rm]

2005-08-02 Intel confirms model numbers for Itaniums, Xeons The Inquirer [rm]

2005-06-28 Intel On the Offensive: Roadmap Details and Analysis AnandTech [rm]

2005-06-09 Hell freezes over; it must've been the liquid cooling: Hannibal on the Apple-to-Intel transition: It's been a couple of days ... Ars Technica [rm]

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