AMD Windsor

Introduced: 2006-06-06

Description: AMD dual core chip built on a 90 nm process. Includes DDR-2 support. Uses the new AM2 socket.

Type: Processors [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Planned

Quick Specs

Bus speed1000 MHz HT
Process90 nm
Form factorAM2

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2006-07-18 AM 2 gains little from dual channel memory: WE HEARD shocking news from a chap that tests PCs for a living. The Inquirer [rm]

2006-06-23 AMD Socket AM2 has a secret weapon The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-31 X-bit's Investigation: Data Transfer Rate between the Cores in Dual-Core Processors Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-05-24 AMD AM2 reviews flood the web The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-23 AM2 numbers show chipset power is out of line  The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-23 Dual-Channel DDR2-800 on AMD Athlon 64 X2 "AM2" - the First Test Results of the New Integrated Memory Controller in RightMark Memory Analyzer [rm]

2006-05-22 Socket AM2 screws up the DDR-II clock The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-22 Introducing AMD's AM2 Platform:  AMD's desktop platform get a major overhaul DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-21 AMD only has four AM2 CPUs for Eastern Europe The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-21 Socket AM2 CPUs listed, specced, priced up The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-16 AMD 65nm SOI "Brisbane" Processors, December 2006:  AMD's roadmap promises you'll see 65nm processors this year, in limited quantities DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-12 ASUS AM2 Motherboard Lineup:  ASUS casts the first stone in the race for AM2 dominance DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-03 Turion X2 Officially Delayed:  Low demand makes Turion X2 unattractive for manufacturers DailyTech [rm]

2006-04-18 Socket AM2 let down by DDR2 The Inquirer [rm]

2006-04-11 Complete AMD Desktop Processor Roadmap Update:  AMD will be moving swiftly over to AM2 and introducing energy efficient processors DailyTech [rm]

2006-02-17 AMD preps low-power desktop processors: Getting ready to counter Intel's 'Conroe'? The Register [rm]

2006-02-17 AMD Socket AM2 Roadmap Shakeup:  Athlon 64 5400+, FX-64, Energy Efficient Athlons and AM2 details revealed DailyTech [rm]

2006-02-16 AM2 FX line to up cache The Inquirer [rm]

2006-02-15 AMD's Socket AM2 to support DDR2 800 MHZ The Inquirer [rm]

2006-02-14 Socket AM2 birth scheduled for 6th of June The Inquirer [rm]

2006-02-10 AMD prices up 200 dual core series processors The Inquirer [rm]

2006-02-10 Taiwanese Chipset Designer Discloses Socket AM2 Peculiarities: SiS Claims Current Chipset Lineup Supports Socket AM2 Chips Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-02-07 Nvidia tests M2 chipsets The Inquirer [rm]

2006-02-07 AMD's Socket M, AM2 to launch before June 30th The Inquirer [rm]

2006-02-06 AMD's Next-gen Socket AM2 Revealed:  AnandTech says socket AM2 will require new processors, memory and possibly new heatsinks but you get DDR2 DailyTech [rm]

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