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Sun UltraSparc V

Introduced: 2006

Description: Runs at more than 1.8 to above 3 GHz and is built using a 90 nm process. Five times faster than UltraSPARC III. Previously planned for 2005.

Type: Processors [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Canceled

Quick Specs

Process90 nm
Core speed1.8 - 3.0 GHz

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News clips relating to Sun UltraSparc V

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2004-10-05 Sun: UltraSparc IV+ doubles server oomph: Sun Microsystems on Tuesday will detail "Panther," which promises more high-speed cache memory and higher clock speeds. ZDNet [rm]

2004-09-22 AMD poaches Sun designers in chip putsch, er, push The Inquirer [rm]

2004-06-03 Sun, Fujitsu to collaborate on Unix servers C/Net [rm]

2004-05-11 Sun completes 'Niagara' chip design C/Net [rm]

2004-04-20 Sun says life without low end SPARC chips is better The Inquirer [rm]

2004-04-16 For Sun chip chief, an empty roadmap is a clean roadmap The Register [rm]

2004-04-13 Sun Microsystems Aborts New Processors Development: UltraSparc V, Gemini Will Never See the Daylight Xbit Labs [rm]

2004-04-12 Sun ditches UltraSparc V and Gemini ZDNet [rm]

2004-04-07 Rumours roil about changes to Sun's chip team The Inquirer [rm]

2003-10-24 Multicore processors investigated in detail Ace's Hardware [rm]

2003-06-04 Sun chip engineers talk multicore, SPARC delays The Register [rm]

2003-04-30 SPARC64 roadmap shows four core plans The Inquirer [rm]

2003-04-20 Sun unveils future chip directions The Inquirer [rm]

2003-02-26 Sun Details UltraSPARC Roadmap Ace's Hardware [rm]

2003-02-25 Sun's Niagara is SPARC on Viagra The Register [rm]

2002-09-19 Sun discloses UltraSPARC VI and VII, shows IV silicon The Register [rm]

2002-07-17 TI boosts Sun's UltraSparc chip C/Net [rm]

2002-06-24  C/Net [rm]

2001-11-19 Sun revving UltraSparc III past 1GHz: 0.15 um chip contains 29 million transistors out early next year C/Net [rm]

2001-08-06  C/Net [rm]

2000-09-28 One late chip after another for Sun: UltraSparc V launches in 2003 C/Net [rm]

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