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PCI Express

Introduced: 2004-06-21

Description: PC interconnect formerly known as 3GIO. Evolved from PCI and the physical interface of InfiniBand to a serial high bandwidth interface which will be used both as a PCI / AGP replacement and for chip to chip communications. Runs at 2.5 GHz and 0.8 V today, but will move to 5 GHz in PCI Express 2 in 2007-2008, and later to 10 GHz. Provides independent channels for each direction. Multiple bus widths are available:

  • 1bit, x1: 250 MB/s (312 MB/s raw), 8 pins. PCI replacement
  • 4bit, x4: 1 GB/s, 20 pins
  • 8bit, x8: 2 GB/s, 40 pins
  • 12bit, x12: ? pins
  • 16bit, x16: 4 GB/s, 80 pins. Replacement for AGP and connects to the North Bridge
  • 32bit, x32: ? pins

"PCI Express currently runs at 2.5Gtps, or 250MBps per lane in each direction, providing a total bandwidth of 16GBps in a 32-lane configuration. Future frequency increases will scale up total bandwidth to the limits of copper and significantly beyond that via other media without impacting any layers above the Physical Layer in the protocol stack."

Will also spawn a successor to the PCMCIA (PC-Card, CardBus) slot, 3GIO-M, Newcard or ExpressCard, which includes both PCI Express and USB 2.0 interfaces.

Type: Communications [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Released

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News clips relating to PCI Express

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2003-09-27 PCI Express Ethernet Networking: White paper Intel [rm]

2003-09-17 Graphics for PCI Express to pose real cooling problems The Inquirer [rm]

2003-08-26 PCI Express* Technology Optimization Intel [rm]

2003-07-28 ALi licenses Rambus for PCI Express The Register [rm]

2003-07-28 Rambus chips net PCI Express win EET [rm]

2003-07-01 PCI Express Initiative Overview Intel [rm]

2003-06-26 Intel confirms PCI Express switching push The Inquirer [rm]

2003-06-18 Intel to make big PCI Express announcement this month The Inquirer [rm]

2003-06-16 PCI Express, Longhorn: is too big a gap opening? The Inquirer [rm]

2003-06-13 Intel has Prescott Socket-T motherboard designs The Inquirer [rm]

2003-06-10 LSI Logic and Intel Collaborate to Extend MegaRAID: Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) to PCI Express on the way EET [rm]

2003-05-20 PCI Express for the Athlon64? No problem with HT bridge The Inquirer [rm]

2003-05-08 Intel's server chip directions undergo sea-change The Inquirer [rm]

2003-05-01 PCI Express, AMD64 main focus of Winhec 2003 The Inquirer [rm]

2003-04-16 PCI Express too expensive: 640 KB RAM flashback warning The Inquirer [rm]

2003-04-16 Compatibility issue slows PCI Express EET [rm]

2003-04-02 0-In releases monitor for PCI Express EET [rm]

2003-03-11 PCI Express: Performance Scalability for the Next Decade PCI-SIG [rm]

2003-02-26 ATI, Intel sort out PCI Express graphics futures The Inquirer [rm]

2003-02-25 PCI Express to usher in PC changes C/Net [rm]

2003-02-21 Gelsinger kicks off Tech-a-Palooza IV The Inquirer [rm]

2003-02-20 Intel Developer Forum Day 3 - More from the Tech Showcase AnandTech [rm]

2003-02-20 PCI Express means death of AGP standard The Inquirer [rm]

2003-02-19 Intel Reveals PCI Express Product Plans And Extends Enabling Programs Intel [rm]

2003-02-19 Intel confirms Tejas Prescott, Canterwood, Springdale details The Inquirer [rm]

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