Intel Conroe

Introduced: 2006-07-27

Description: Major redesign of the desktop chips based on the mobile chip Merom. Should use the same bus as Merom and Tukwila. Part of the Averill platform. Said to be used in future Macs. Will be named E6300 (1.86 GHz, 2MB, $210), E6400 (2.13 GHz, 2MB, $230), E6600 (2.40 GHz, 4MB, $315) and E6700 (2.67 GHz, 1066 MHz, 4MB, $529). A value-segment version known as Conroe-L will be introduced in 2007-Q2. Will also be used in Uniprocessor Xeon chips (3040, 3050, 3060, 3070)

Type: Processors [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Released

Quick Specs

Bus speed1066 MHz
L2 cache2-4 MB
Process65 nm
Core speed1.86 - 2.67 GHz
Power60-70 W
Price$210 - $529
TypeDesktop, Dual cores
Pipeline14 stage

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News clips relating to Intel Conroe

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2006-09-19 Intel Core 2 Quadro Announced Internally:  Intel documents reveal two quad-core processors within the next six months DailyTech [rm]

2006-09-01 "Merom" to Power Upcoming iMacs:  Reports suggest that Apple may skip Conroe completely DailyTech [rm]

2006-08-01 Dealers up in arms over Intel Conroe allocation: SYSTEM INTEGRATORS are incandescent with fury because even though they ordered Core Dual 2 chips from distributors weeks ago, they're being told they'll have to join a que... The Inquirer [rm]

2006-07-31 Pumping a Core2 X6800 all the way up to 4GHz: IT'S INTERESTING that, for Intel's D975XBX mainboard, setting the "FSB Override" to 1333MHz instead of 1066MHz could seemingly be done, and the system would undergo a hard... The Inquirer [rm]

2006-07-31 Intel outs server code name: MORE INTEL slippery-pokery emerges. The Inquirer [rm]

2006-07-27 Intel Unveils World's Best Processor: New Product Line Delivers Record Breaking Performance While Consuming Less Power Intel [rm]

2006-07-27 Intel Core 2 Duo vs AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 The Register [rm]

2006-07-19 Intel Adds Low End Xeons to Roadmap:  Intel badge engineering at its finest DailyTech [rm]

2006-07-18 Intel's Secret "Conroe":  Believe it or not, there's still more "Conroe" madness DailyTech [rm]

2006-07-17 Intel readies farewell to Pentium D: WHILE INTEL formally announces its Conroe processors on the 23rd of July, it is also preparing end of line dates for its Pentium D family. The Inquirer [rm]

2006-07-13 Here Comes "Conroe":  Without further ado: Intel Core 2 Duo DailyTech [rm]

2006-07-10 32-Core Processors: Intel Reaches For (The) Sun: What is the processor future like? Project Keifer could trigger a major core count increase, four threads per core, integrated memory controllers (yes!) and a ring-type interconnect for co... Tom's Hardware [rm]

2006-07-10 ATI's RD600 Conroe chipset will sport three PCIe slots: ATI IS WORKING on one cool, Conroe-supporting chipset. The Inquirer [rm]

2006-07-05 Conroe may tip up motherboardless: WHEN MUCH-ANTICIPATED Conroe - or Intel Core 2 Duo, as Intel likes to call it these days - sees the light of day, there might be slight complications. The Inquirer [rm]

2006-07-01 Intel postpones launch of new desktop CPUs to July 27 DigiTimes [rm]

2006-06-12 Conroe 6800, 6700 and 6600 benchmarked The Inquirer [rm]

2006-06-12 AMD Plans Major CPU Price Drops Day After "Conroe":  Memos from AMD insiders reveal big plans for July 24, 2006 DailyTech [rm]

2006-06-09 Intel's range of dual-core CPUs tested The Inquirer [rm]

2006-06-09 Core 2 Extreme Benchmarks:  Preliminary results from around the web DailyTech [rm]

2006-06-08 No delay to Conroe, Intel says The Inquirer [rm]

2006-06-08 Intel Sales Chief Readies Industry With New Products, Technologies Ahead Of Widely Anticipated Processor Introductions Intel [rm]

2006-06-04 Epox Unveils Six More Conroe Compatible Motherboards:  Intel P965, 946GZ, and ATI RC410 boards DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-31 Intel Confirms Two Upcoming Core 2 Extreme CPUs:  3.2GHz "Conroe" gets confirmed by Intel DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-31 X-bit's Investigation: Data Transfer Rate between the Cores in Dual-Core Processors Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-05-28 Intel "Conroe" July 23, AMD Socket F July 11 DailyTech [rm]

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