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Intel Conroe

Introduced: 2006-07-27

Description: Major redesign of the desktop chips based on the mobile chip Merom. Should use the same bus as Merom and Tukwila. Part of the Averill platform. Said to be used in future Macs. Will be named E6300 (1.86 GHz, 2MB, $210), E6400 (2.13 GHz, 2MB, $230), E6600 (2.40 GHz, 4MB, $315) and E6700 (2.67 GHz, 1066 MHz, 4MB, $529). A value-segment version known as Conroe-L will be introduced in 2007-Q2. Will also be used in Uniprocessor Xeon chips (3040, 3050, 3060, 3070)

Type: Processors [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Released

Quick Specs

Bus speed1066 MHz
L2 cache2-4 MB
Process65 nm
Core speed1.86 - 2.67 GHz
Power60-70 W
Price$210 - $529
TypeDesktop, Dual cores
Pipeline14 stage

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News clips relating to Intel Conroe

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2006-05-28 "Conroe-L": Core 2 Duo on the Cheap:  65nm single-core Conroes for all DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-27 AMD has two counters to Conroe The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-27 The Intel Conroe XE won't clock at 3GHz The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-27 Nvidia's Conroe chipset on its way The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-27 Intel "Woodcrest" Launch, Price Information:  Intel announces another server processor DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-27 Intel 2006 Desktop CPU Roadmap Update:  Intel promises significant price cuts across the board in preperation for dual-core ramp DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-26 Conroe overclocked to 4.66GHz The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-11 Intel tempts developers to multithread The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-10 SIS says she's ready for Microsoft Vista The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-08 Intel to call 'Conroe' and 'Merom' Core 2: Intel's upcoming next-generation architecture processors 'Conroe' and 'Merom' will be branded 'Core 2 Duo', onl... The Register [rm]

2006-05-07 Intel brands desktops and laptops the same The Inquirer [rm]

2006-05-07 Announcing Intel Core 2 Duo:  "Conroe" and "Merom" get a name and a birthday DailyTech [rm]

2006-05-02 Would You Like to Buy a Core E6600 (Conroe 2.4GHz)?: Go to eBay! Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-05-01 Intel Core versus AMD's K8 architecture:  How does the Athlon 64 architecture, known as "Hammer" or "K8", compare with the newly announced Intel Core architecture? Does AMD have a chance to compete with the latest state of the art I... AnandTech [rm]

2006-04-29 Core, Nehalem, Gesher: Intel: New Architecture Every Two Years Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-04-20 Intel Conroe chips priced up The Inquirer [rm]

2006-04-13 Clovertown, Cinema and Woodcrest rock The Inquirer [rm]

2006-04-04 Updated Pentium, Conroe Pricing:  Intel has a few tweaks to the pricing structure for its next generation CPUs DailyTech [rm]

2006-03-31 AMD finally breaks the 3GHz barrier The Inquirer [rm]

2006-03-31 Intel Promotes Mobile Processors for Desktops: Intel Pushes Core, Pentium M Processors to Desktops Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-03-27 Quad Core Conroe Successor Q1'07:  We saw Intel's plans for quad core CPUs at IDF; now the company has confirmed we will see the new CPUs next year DailyTech [rm]

2006-03-13 IDF Spring 2006: Will Intel's Core Architecture Close the Technology Gap?: Is Intel about to close the technology gap after its CPUs have largely lagged behind AMD's devices for the past few years on a performance-per-... Tom's Hardware [rm]

2006-03-09 Conroe Benchmarks Updated:  BIOS issues and other concerns are addressed... DailyTech [rm]

2006-02-21 Intel's next platform is 'Pro' The Inquirer [rm]

2006-02-16 AM2 FX line to up cache The Inquirer [rm]

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