Nvidia GeForce FX 5900

Introduced: 2003-05-12

Description: Successor to NV30 formerly known as NV35 with 4x2 architecture and a 8x1 mode for single texturing. Internal register file twice the size of that of NV30, removing a known bottleneck. NV30 differences from Tom's:

  • DDR(-I) memory at 425 MHz instead of DDR-II memory at 500 MHz
  • Memory bus widened from 128 to 256 bits
  • Memory bandwidth of 27.2 GB\/s (NV35), up from 16 GB\/s (NV30)
  • GPU clockspeed decreased from 500 MHz to 450 MHz
  • Ultra versions of the FX 5900 will carry 256 MB RAM
  • New, much less noisy cooling solution
  • CineFX gains new "UltraShadow" feature and is now called CineFX 2.0
  • IntelliSample optimizations, especially color compression, have been improved and renamed IntelliSample HCT (High Compression Technology)
  • In addition to the FX 5900 Ultra 256 MB ($499 ESP), a standard FX 5900 128 MB ($399 ESP), and a GeForceFX 5900 Value 128 MB ($299 ESP) will also be offered.

Some rumours indicate that the core includes Pixel Shader 3.0 support, even if no drivers support it.

Type: Graphics [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Released

Quick Specs

Process130 nm
Core speed450 MHz
Transistors130 M
Pipelines8x1 or 4x2 (app. dep.)
MemoryDDR425, 256 bit, 27.2 GB/s
Fill rate3.6 Gtex/s
Triangles/s315 M
Vertex shaders2.0+
Pixel shaders8 x 2.0+

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