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Intel Yonah

Introduced: 2006-01-05

Description: Mobile chip, succeeding Dothan in the power optimized notebook segment including HyperThreading and Vanderpool. Will use the Alviso-GM chipset. Includes one (Yonah1 - Core Solo) or two (Yonah2 - Core Duo) Dothan cores with one shared 2MB cache. The cache is dynamically divided between the cores. Runs on a 667 MHz bus, except for the ULV version which uses 533 MHz. Earlier listed as a 90nm chip in 04-H2.
Yonah (sometimes referred to as Jonah) is part of the Napa Centrino platform, succeeding Sonoma.
Named X50: $637, X40: $423, X30: $294, and X20: $241, while X48 and X39 will be low voltage versions.
There will also be a low-end Yonah called 756, below X20, with only one core running at 1.67 GHz and 2MB of cache.
Yonah will be used in future Macs.
Newer info names the chips T2600, T2500, T2400 and T2300 for normal chips, L2400 and L2300 for Low Voltage and U1400 and U1300 for Ultra Low Voltage. Clocked from 1.06 to 2.16 GHz.

Type: Processors [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Released

Quick Specs

Bus speed533-667 MHz
L2 cache2 MB (shared)
Process65 nm
Core speedX50: 2.16 GHz
PowerULV:5.5 - 31 W, Speedstep
Core voltageULV, LV, Normal
TypeMobile, Dual core
Pipeline11-13 (12?)

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News clips relating to Intel Yonah

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2006-01-12 Laptop with Dual-Core Processor Reviewed: Extreme Rockdirect Notebook Investigated  Xbit Labs [rm]

2006-01-10 Apple unveils Intel-based Macs (and more): As expected, Steve Jobs took the wraps off two Intel-based Macs at today's keynote. Ars Technica [rm]

2006-01-10 Apple's Jobs confirms launch of Macinteltosh The Inquirer [rm]

2006-01-10 Macworld: Intel-based Macs built for speed C/Net [rm]

2006-01-09 Merom makes appearance on Intel roadmaps The Inquirer [rm]

2006-01-07 Dual-core Centrino appears everywhere The Inquirer [rm]

2006-01-05 Intel's Yonah pixellated in full The Inquirer [rm]

2006-01-05 Intel CEO: Latest Platforms, Processors Form New Foundations For Digital Entertainment And Wireless Computing Intel [rm]

2006-01-03 Intel starts selling Yonahs in its leap year The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-30 Intel's great 'leap' forward boosts Apple: Intel's Yonah processor is expected to be seen in Apple's offerings products in the first quarter of 2006, as both firms headed directly toward the home entertainment category. EET [rm]

2005-12-30 Intel leaps into new branding strategy: Seeking to boost its image in the consumer markets, Intel Corp. plans to revamp its rebranding strategy and will unveil a new name for its next-generation, notebook-based microprocessor line. EET [rm]

2005-12-30 'Intel Inside' out as company launches a new slogan: Intel plans to overhaul its 37-year-old name logo and drop its popular "Intel Inside" tag in favor of a new image. The new slogan, "Leap ahead," will be unveiled Tuesday. ComputerWorld [rm]

2005-12-30 Intel is ready to "Leap Ahead":  We linked to a story yesterday which talked about the possibility of Intel ditching its 14 year old "Intel Inside" tagline in January of 2006. Considering that the branding has helped Intel to becom... AnandTech [rm]

2005-12-30 Intel takes wraps off new logo and post-Pentium branding: In anticipation of the upcoming CES show, Intel unveils a new logo and tagline, as well as some new pieces of their post-Pentium platform branding initiative. Ars Technica [rm]

2005-12-29 Intel unveils new logo in brand overhaul: The world's biggest chipmaker said on Thursday it will scrap its 37-year-old logo and well-known tagline as part of a major rebranding that will emphasize its shift away from its core PC bu... Reuters [rm]

2005-12-28 Intel's 65 nm Process Breathes Fire into Double-Core Extreme Edition: Intel's first 65 nm double-core processor seriously merits the hyperbole of its Extreme Edition name. The 3.46 GHz, FSB 1066 and 4 MB L2 device shows that... Tom's Hardware [rm]

2005-12-21 Conroe coming sooner than expected: Fortune smiles on Intel, as its upcoming desktop CPU will likely make an early appearance. Ars Technica [rm]

2005-12-21 Dual Core Yonah tested against AMD X2 The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-21 Bidding adieu to Pentium M: Familiar chip label about to give way to new Duo and Solo designations, sources say. ZDNet [rm]

2005-12-20 NEC unveils first 'Yonah' notebook: But when will it actually ship? The Register [rm]

2005-12-20 ATI may rename the R580 the X1900 The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-20 Dell Yonah notebooks revealed The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-19 Intel Yonah is auto-overclocking The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-19 Intel Core Duo (Yonah) Performance Preview - Part II AnandTech [rm]

2005-12-14 Intel beats chest about Yonah chip The Inquirer [rm]

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