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Alpha 21464 EV8

Introduced: 2004

Description: Also known as Arana, EV8 or "by far the most aggressive speculative out-of-order execution superscalar RISC processor yet proposed". To include SMT or Simultaneous Multi-Threading. Built on 0.13 um technology at over 1500 MHz. Now canceled while some EV8 technologies will be used in Itanium.

Type: Processors [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Canceled

Quick Specs

Die size350 mm2
Process130 nm
Core speed1.8 - 2.0 GHz
Transistors250 M
Power250 W
Core voltage1.2 V

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News clips relating to Alpha 21464 EV8

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2006-01-23 The processor wars Part I, "The death of Alpha": Q&A with Nebojsa Novakovic: To the outside observer, improvements in PC architecture are evolutionary but logical. Processors advance inevitably in speed and performance, in happy acco... DigiTimes [rm]

2004-12-12 Intel's Whitefield takes four core IA-32 shape The Inquirer [rm]

2004-02-13 Intel's 64-bit explorations The Inquirer [rm]

2003-04-24 The future of 64-bit processing II: HP torn between platforms? The Inquirer [rm]

2002-11-01 Compaq / DEC - Alpha 21464 (EV-8) Arana's processor specs [rm]

2002-10-28 Alpha roadmaps - Goodbye Alpha, welcome ARM... ALPHA processors [rm]

2002-05-29 Design Tradeoffs for the Alpha EV8 Conditional Branch Predictor Other [rm]

2002-02-18 McKinley and EV8: Alpha goodbye: Possibly.. RealWorldTech [rm]

2002-02-18 A Tale of Two Chips: On McKinley and the Alpha EV8 RealWorldTech [rm]

2002-01-22 Itanium to take on Alpha influence C/Net [rm]

2002-01-01 Alpha 21464 (EV8) "Arana": 64-bit SMT microprocessor VLSI Microprocessors [rm]

2001-08-06 Alpha EV8 and the Intel Itanium The Inquirer [rm]

2001-06-25 Compaq: Life after Alpha C/Net [rm]

2001-04-15  The Inquirer [rm]

2001-01-16 Alpha EV8 (Part 3): Simultaneous Multi-Threat RealWorldTech [rm]

2000-12-26 Alpha EV8 (Part 2): Simultaneous Multi-Threat RealWorldTech [rm]

2000-12-13 Alpha EV8 (Part 1): Simultaneous Multi-Threat RealWorldTech [rm]

1999-10-10  Shannon knows High Performance Computing [rm]

1999-10-08 Designers cut fresh paths to parallelism EET [rm]

1999-01-25 Cyrix Jalapeno to go standalone: To sample in Q4 99. The Register [rm]

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