ATI Radeon 9700

Introduced: 2002-10-24

Description: Graphics chip formerly known as R300 supporting DirectX 9.0, with 107 million transistors building up 8 pipelines for 8 textures in 0.15 micron technology. 4 vertex shaders and HyperZ III will also fit in the chip built with a 0.15 micron process. Core clock runs at 275 MHz while the 128 MB of DDR runs at 550.

Type: Graphics [Roadmap] [Timeline]

State: Released

Quick Specs

Process150 nm
Core speed275 MHz
Transistors107 M
Pipelines8 pipelines
Memory128 MB, 256 bit, 270 MHz
Fill rate2.2 Gpix./s
Triangles/s275 M

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