Item Via PT894 Via KT880 Via PT880 Via KT600 Via K8T800
Release2005-01-31 2004-02-12 2003-11-07 2003-05-13 2003-04-22
Bus speed 800, 1066 MHz 400 MHz 800 MHz 400 MHz 800 MHz HT
Process 220 nm
Memory 1x DDR2 533, DDR400 2x DDR400 2 x DDR400 DDR400
Ports VT8237, VT8251, 8x V-Link VT8237 VT8237 VT8237 8x V-Link (VT8237)
Processor Pentium 4 Athlon XP Pentium 4 Athlon XP Hammer
PCI PCI Express x16 PCI 2.2 PCI 2.2 6x 2.3
Graphics PM: UniChrome
Type Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop Workstation
PCI Express

2005-01-31 Via PT894 Pentium 4 chipset earlier known as PT800 / PT890 supporting the 1066 MHz bus and 666 MHz DDR2. Uses the VT8237, and VT8251 south bridges. Includes PCIe x16 support while the PT894PRO version will include 2 PCIe links (to be run as x16 + x4 or 8x + 8x).
There will also be a PM890 / PM894 version with added DeltaChrome IGP (previously known as UniChrome 3) graphics launched later.

2004-02-12 Via KT880 Athlon chipset, based on KT600, but adding dual channel DDR support.

2003-11-07 Via PT880 Pentium 4 chipset previously known as PT600 supporting the 800 MHz bus. Identical to PT800, except for an added second DDR400 channel. Includes QBM 533 support, which seem to be two DDR channels with one delayed by 90 degrees. Uses the VT8237 south bridge. There will also be a PM880 version with added UniChrome graphics launched in 04-Q1.

2003-05-13 Via KT600 Athlon chipset, based on the KT400A, but adding 400 MHz front side bus support. Also known as KT400A-CE.

2003-04-22 Via K8T800 Opteron (Hammer) chipset. K8M800 is pin compatible, but with added UniChrome2 graphics. Formerly known as K8T400M.