Item ATI RV420 ATI Radeon X800 Nvidia GeForce 6800 Nvidia GeForce FX 5700 ATI Radeon 9600 XT ATI Radeon 9800 XT
Release2004-H1 2004-05-04 2004-04-14 2003-10-23 2003-09-30 2003-09-30
Die size ~257 mm2 ~287 mm2
Process 130 nm 130 nm low-k 130 nm 130 nm 130 nm 150 nm Cu
Core speed 475 - 520 MHz 400 MHz 475 MHz 500+ MHz 412 MHz
Transistors 160 M 222 M 80 M 75 M 107 M
Price $399 - $499
Ops/s 40/clock = 16.5 G
Pipelines 12-16 16x1, 32x0 4x1 or 2x2 (app. dep.) 4 pipelines x 1 texture unit 8 pipelines x 1 texture unit
Memory DDR450, 256 bit DDR-II, GDDR2, GDDR3 0.9 - 1.12 GHz DDR, GDDR2, GDDR3, 550 MHz, 35.2 GB/s DDR450, 128 bit, 14.4 GB/s 64 - 128 MB 128 bit DDR300 DDR365 / DDR-II, 256 bit, 256 MB, 23.4 GB/s
AGP AGP8X AGP8X, PCI-Express AGP8X AGP8X (x:PCI Express) AGP 3.0 (=8x)
Type Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop
Fill rate 5.7-8.3 Gpix/s, 5.7-8.3 Gtex/s 6.4 Gtex/s, 6.4 Gpix/s 1.9 Gpix/s 2 Gpix/s 3.3 Gpix/s, 3.3 Gtex/s
RAMDAC 2x400 MHz + DVI 1.0 2x400 MHz 2x400 MHz 400 MHz
DirectX 9.0c 9.0b 9.0c 9+ 9.0 9
Textures 16 4 16
Core Loki NV40 NV36 RV360 R360
Triangles/s 475-520 M 600 M 356 M 412 M
Vertex shaders 2.0+ 6 x 2.0 6 x 3.0 4 x 2.0
Pixel shaders 2.0+ 16 x 2.0 16 x 3.0 8 x 2.0
PCI Express Yes

2004-H1 ATI RV420 Mainstream graphics chip for the "Performance mainstream market". Will support DX9.0c features same as R420, but with lower performance.
Likely to have been canceled in favour of the 110nm RV410.

2004-05-04 ATI Radeon X800 New high end graphics chip succeeding the R350/R360 based on a completely new design also known as project Loki. Was to be shown at Comdex in November-03, but was only shown to NDA-signing people on CeBIT-04 and launched to the rest of us in May. Was earlier said to support unified DX 9.0c and Pixel and Vertex Shaders 3.0, but only DirectX 9.0b is supported.
The R420 is a simplified version of the R400 (now R500) to get a new high-end chip out quicker. R420 still uses 24 bit precision (96 bit in total) but adds 3Dc compression.
Native PCI-Express support shows up in the R423 (X800 PCI-E), formely known as X880 on June 1st.
Two versions are launched: The X800 Pro includes 12 pipelines with availability now, while the X800 XT uses 16 and ships on May 21st. A low cost X800 SE with only 8 pipelines is also planned. Previously known as R420.

2004-04-14 Nvidia GeForce 6800 New high-end graphics processor, succeeding NV35 (GeForce 5900). Includes Pixel Shader 3.0 and Vertex Shader 3.0 to support DirectX 9.0c (previously known as 9.1) and to include 16 "real" pipelines instead of the 4x2 architecture used previously.
Named GeForce 6800 and was to be shown at CeBIT or GDC with availability in April or May, but unveiled on April 14th.
Draws a massive 110W from two power cables. Previously known as NV40.

2003-10-23 Nvidia GeForce FX 5700 NV31 successor said to be NV35 cut in half (2x2 / 4x1 pipelines, 128 bit memory interface), otherwise identical. Will be superseeded next year by NV36x, which will support PCI Express in addition. Previously known as NV36. Also used in the Quadro FX 1100 chip.

2003-09-30 ATI Radeon 9600 XT Mainstream graphics chip formerly known as RV360, in effect a higher clocked RV350. May support GDDR2-M RAM.

2003-09-30 ATI Radeon 9800 XT Graphics chip built on a 150 nm process to meet the challenge from NV35. Slightly enhanced R350 optimized for higher clock speeds. Previously known as R360.