Item Nvidia NV41 Nvidia NV45 Nvidia GeForce 6800
Release2004-11-XX 2004-10-XX 2004-04-14
Die size 270 - 305 mm2 ~287 mm2
Process 130 nm 130 nm 130 nm
Core speed 400-450 MHz 400 MHz
Transistors 222 M 222 M
Pipelines 16x1, 32x0 16x1, 32x0
Memory DDR, GDDR2, GDDR3, 500-600 MHz DDR, GDDR2, GDDR3, 550 MHz, 35.2 GB/s
Type Desktop Desktop
Fill rate 6.4 Gtex/s, 6.4 Gpix/s
RAMDAC 2x400 MHz 2x400 MHz
DirectX 9.0c 9.0c
Textures 16
Core NV40 NV40
Triangles/s 600 M
Vertex shaders 6x 3.0 6 x 3.0
Pixel shaders 3.0 16 x 3.0
PCI Express Yes

2004-11-XX Nvidia NV41 Successor to NV36 / NV36x, for the mid range performance or enthusiast chip sector. Supports PCI Express only.
Newer info claims it to be identical to NV40, except that only 12 pipelines are included.
The latest info indicates that this is rather a successor to NV40, with identical performace, but only for PCIe.
A notebook version called NV41M is also planned.

2004-10-XX Nvidia NV45 NV40 with PCI-Express support, for the enthusiast segment. Performance identical, but adds PCI Express support. The Ultra version (> 500 MHz) is called NV45 U.

2004-04-14 Nvidia GeForce 6800 New high-end graphics processor, succeeding NV35 (GeForce 5900). Includes Pixel Shader 3.0 and Vertex Shader 3.0 to support DirectX 9.0c (previously known as 9.1) and to include 16 "real" pipelines instead of the 4x2 architecture used previously.
Named GeForce 6800 and was to be shown at CeBIT or GDC with availability in April or May, but unveiled on April 14th.
Draws a massive 110W from two power cables. Previously known as NV40.