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Item Intel E7525 Intel E7520 / E7320
Release2004-06-28 2004-06-28
Bus speed 800 MHz 800 MHz
Price $100 $84, $70
Memory 2x DDR400, ECC 2x DDR400, ECC (VS:333), DDR2 400
Ports 6300ESB 6300ESB
Processor Nocona, Jayhawk. Nocona
PCI PCI Express x16 Optional PCI-X 64, 133
AGP PCI Express
Type Workstation Server
Core Tumwater Lindenhurst
PCI Express 3 x8, (VS: 1 x8)

2004-06-28 Intel E7525 Workstation chipset for Nocona and Jayhawk. Previously known as Tumwater and E7515.

2004-06-28 Intel E7520 / E7320 Xeon chipset supporting the 800 MHz front side bus made to support Nocona. Supports PCI Express, Serial ATA and DDR-II. The E7520 was previously known as E7710 and Lindenhurst while the slightly cheaper E7320 has been known as E7510 and Lindenhurst-VS.