Item Intel Prescott LGA775 Intel Pentium 4E
Release2004-06-21 2004-02-02
Die size 112 mm2 112 mm2
Bus speed 800 MHz 800 MHz
L2 cache 1 MB 1 MB
L1 cache I:12 kμOps D:16 KB I:12 kμOps D:16 KB
Process 90 nm 90 nm
Core speed 3.4 GHz 3.4 GHz
Transistors 125 M 125 M
Power 103 W 103 W
Form factor LGA775 Socket 478, LGA775
Core voltage 1.35 V 1.35 V
Price $417
L3 cache
Type Desktop
Core Prescott CT Prescott
Pipeline 31 stage 31 stage

2004-06-21 Intel Prescott LGA775 Prescott using the LGA775 socket is launched. 64-bits (EM64T, CT Technology) for the desktop is slated for 05-Q2. EM64T chips will be called 'F' after the clock speed.

2004-02-02 Intel Pentium 4E Also known as Prescott launches at 2.8 ($178), 3.0 ($218), 3.2 ($278) and 3.4 ($417) GHz with a 800 MHz front side bus and is built using a seven layer, Low-K, 90 nm Strained Silicon process.
Builds on the Netburst architecture, but adds "PNI" or Prescott New Instructions, which includes 11 new instructions, and LaGrande, a new security interface to go with Microsoft's Palladium. Also includes an improved pre-fetch branch predictor, improved HyperThreading, doubled L1 data cache size, doubled RAT History table size and advanced power manangement.
Will use Canterwood to start with, but in Q2 it will add the 64-bit CT Technology, move to Grantsdale and use the LGA775 socket.
Celeron Prescotts will be launched in Q2. Prescott reach 4 GHz in 2004-Q4 (now moved to 2005-Q1).
Now renamed Pentium 4E.