Item Intel Conroe Intel Merom
Release2006-07-27 2006-07-27
Die size
Bus speed 1066 MHz 667 (later 800) MHz
L2 cache 2-4 MB 2-4 MB
L1 cache 32 kB D, 32 kB I
Process 65 nm 65 nm
Core speed 1.86 - 2.67 GHz 1.83 - 2.33 GHz
Transistors 167-291 M
Power 60-70 W 45 W (ULV:9W, note 34 W)
Form factor
Core voltage
Price $210 - $529
L3 cache
Type Desktop, Dual cores Mobile w IA32e
Core Conroe Merom
Pipeline 14 stage 14 stage

2006-07-27 Intel Conroe Major redesign of the desktop chips based on the mobile chip Merom. Should use the same bus as Merom and Tukwila. Part of the Averill platform. Said to be used in future Macs. Will be named E6300 (1.86 GHz, 2MB, $210), E6400 (2.13 GHz, 2MB, $230), E6600 (2.40 GHz, 4MB, $315) and E6700 (2.67 GHz, 1066 MHz, 4MB, $529). A value-segment version known as Conroe-L will be introduced in 2007-Q2. Will also be used in Uniprocessor Xeon chips (3040, 3050, 3060, 3070)

2006-07-27 Intel Merom Mobile processor succeeding Prescott-M and Yonah built on a 65 nm process. Accompanied by the Crestine chipset. Recent rumours claim that Merom is a major new core design with multiple cores and, depending on version, 2-4 MB of cache, which will also form the base for the next desktop chip, Conroe. Said to consume about 45W.
Earlier said to launch in 05-H2 or 2007, prototype chips has been out since May of 2006.
Merom is part of the Santa Rosa Centrino platform, succeeding Napa. Said to be used in future Macs.
Bus speed to go up to 800 MHz in 2007-H1.
Will be named T7600, the T7400, the T7200 and T5600.