Item ATI Radeon X1800 (R520) Nvidia NV48
Release2005-11-09 2005-Q2
Die size
Process 90 nm
Core speed >600 MHz?
Transistors 321 M
Pipelines 16 (Prev. rumours:24)
Memory G-DDR4 2.4 GHz
Type Desktop
Fill rate
RAMDAC 2x 400 MHz 10-bit RAMDACs
DirectX 9.0c
Core R520
Vertex shaders 8 x 3.0
Pixel shaders 16 x 3.0
PCI Express Yes

2005-11-09 ATI Radeon X1800 (R520) ATI graphics chip said to be nicknamed Fudo (after philosofer or theInq's newsman). Earlier rumoured to be the PC-version of the XBox2-specific R500, but more recent sources indicate that it is closer to the R420, while the R500 is part of a new generation. Hyper Memory included. R520 is said to be called Radeon X1800 at release

2005-Q2 Nvidia NV48 DX9.0c graphics chip. Later said to be canceled as performance was only 20 MHz faster than NV45. Even later said to be ok again but moved from 04-Q4 to 05-Q2...