Item AMD Trinidad AMD Keene AMD Taylor
Release2006 2006-Q2 2006-05-17
Die size
Bus speed
L2 cache 256 KB 2 x 256 KB
L1 cache
Process 90 nm
Core speed
Power 62 W 25 - 30 W
Form factor Socket M2 / AM2 Socket S1 Socket S1
Core voltage
L3 cache
Memory DDR-2 667 DDR-2 667
Type Mobile, AMD64, Dual core Mobile, AMD64 Mobile, AMD64, Dual cores
Core Trinidad Taylor

2006 AMD Trinidad Mobile, dual core chip for the M2 / AM2 socket.

2006-Q2 AMD Keene Single-core version of Taylor.

2006-05-17 AMD Taylor Dual core mobile chip with support for 1 or 2 DDR-2 memory channels. To be launched under the Turion 64 brand. Also available in a single core version known as Keene.