Item Nvidia RSX ATI R500 Nvidia GeForce 7900
Release2006-H2 2006-H1 2006-03-09
Die size
Process 90 nm 90 nm 90 nm
Core speed 655 MHz
Transistors 300 M 278 M
Pipelines 24? 48 32
Memory DDR-3 256-bit, 51.2 GB/s, 512 MB
AGP PCI Express
Type Desktop
Fill rate 15.6 Gpix/s
DirectX 9.0c, 10
Core R500 G71
Triangles/s 1400 M
Vertex shaders 3.0 8 x 3.0
Pixel shaders 3.0 24 x 3.0
PCI Express Yes

2006-H2 Nvidia RSX Graphics chip only for Playstation3, which is said to be twice as fast as NV40 and includes 300 M transistors. Some rumours claims that it is equivalent to G71. Pipeline configurations of 24 has been mentioned but are still uncertain. The name stands for "Reality Synthesizer".

2006-H1 ATI R500 High end ATI graphics chip for XBox2 built in a 90 nm process. Part of a new generation, comparable to R600 for the PC.
Early on reported to "have 10 times higher geometry and 4 times higher pixel performance compared to the RADEON X800 XT" (believe it if you want to).
May support WGF and Pixel and Vertex shaders 3.0 with 128 bit precision. Also known as Xenos.

2006-03-09 Nvidia GeForce 7900 Faster version of G70 with faster core, clocked at up to 650-700 MHz. Said to be equivalent to RSX and have 32 pipelines. Previously known as G71.