Item Intel Hapertown Intel Bloomfield Intel Yorkfield Intel Ridgefield Intel Wolfdale Intel Atom Intel Penryn Intel Bloomfield
Release2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008-03-08 2007 2007
Die size 22mm2
Bus speed
L2 cache 12 MB 12 MB 6 MB 3 MB 3, 6 MB
L1 cache
Process 45 nm 45 nm 45 nm 45 nm 45 nm 45 nm 45 nm
Core speed
Transistors 47 M
Power 4W
Form factor
Core voltage
L3 cache
Type Server (8-core) Desktop Mobile Mobile
Core Hapertown Bloomfield Silverthorne Penryn

2008 Intel Hapertown Octa-core chip with 12 MB of shared L2 cache, built in the 45 nm process.

2008 Intel Bloomfield Quad-core chip on one die built in the 45 nm process. Released on or after 2008.

2008 Intel Yorkfield Chip with 8 cores on more than one die for the desktop. 12 MB shared L2 cache.

2008 Intel Ridgefield Dual core chip on one die for the desktop. Includes 6MB of L2 cache.

2008 Intel Wolfdale Dual cores on a single die with 3 MB of shared L2 cache.

2008-03-08 Intel Atom Mobile chip built in the 45 nm process. TDP only 0.6 - 2.6 , and can dip as low as 0.01W. Previously called Silverthorne. Single core draws 4W, while a dual core draws 8W.

2007 Intel Penryn 45 nm shrink of Merom / Conroe. Available in 3 and 6 MB versions. May include memory / graphics controllers?

2007 Intel Bloomfield Inte x86 processor with "Cores-a-plenty"™...