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According to IDF the Conroe (and the rest of the next generation chips) will have a 14 stage pipeline, also it will come in 2 flavors 2mb and 4mb.

Written 2005-08-27 02:42:49 by hop1hop2.

I was hoping to see long and short pipe-lines in these new chips with the ability to use whichever is best at that moment - I guess things aren't that simple or Intel would be already using them, or would they?

Written 2005-10-24 07:16:30 by John Stewart.

Any guesses as to the clock speeds? I assume starting around 2.5g as current P-Ms are already at 2.2 with the same amount of pipelines.

Written 2005-11-17 17:06:05 by David.

Conroe = 2 cores. Conroe with one bad core = Conroe Celeron. Conroe Celeron Power consumption = looooooow. Desktop with Conroe Celeron, Broadwater P965 chipset, 2,5" hard disk = my new quiet desktop. Ati&Nvidia, gimmme my new 100$ fanless value graphic card!!! All this for Xmass 2006??

Written 2005-11-23 15:04:36 by Sika.

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