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1998-10-28 Intel to junk Celeron strategy: AMD and other competitors has eaten too much from Intel's market share The Register

1998-10-27 AMD promotes Raza, Previte: Changes in the top management C/Net

1998-10-26 Price cuts boost PII over Celeron: The price gap narrows The Register

1998-10-26 Intel to forge PC systems path for 1999:  Profusion, 11 new chips to be shown at Comdex InfoWorld

1998-10-26 Intel, PBS team on datacast: Allowing digital TV access to web based content C/Net

1998-10-26 Intel seeks Katmai support in covert campaign: Wanted: Katmai enhanced applications InfoWorld

1998-10-25 Leaked memo claims Intel's vendor of choice rating slumped in Q3: FACE Intel has published an internal memo The Register

1998-10-24 Price cuts due: Could amount to up to 20% Techweb

1998-10-23 Xeon bugs fixed: Volume shipments have begun C/Net

1998-10-20 AMD rolls a K7: More on the upcoming competitor ZDNet

1998-10-19 Katmai will give voice to applications:  Voice recognition and speech on the way InfoWorld

1998-10-16 Intel invests $500 M in Micron:  Primarily to speed up the adoption of RDRAM Techweb

1998-10-16 HP moves slowly on Merced migration:  PA-RISC isn't quite dead yet Techweb

1998-10-16 DSP architectures takes post-VLIW turn:  Compilers and C-level programming is the way forward EET

1998-10-16 Battle lines drawn for next-generation MPUs: Different approaches for increasing performance in upcoming designs EET

1998-10-16 Intel plans for two additional IA-64 CPUs: Merced, McKinley, Madison and Deerfield revisited Techweb

1998-10-16 Motorola announces G4 chip: 400 MHz chip featuring AltiVec (Motrorola's KNI) sampling now Techweb

1998-10-16 K7 set to outmuscle PII: Strong competition will come from AMD next year EET

1998-10-16 S3 goes after Intel?: Intel's Santa Clara neighbor may sue for patent infringement C/Net

1998-10-15 How Intel and HP shields patents from prying eyes The Register

1998-10-15 It's a big, fast future: Intel, Alpha look forward ZDNet [rm]

1998-10-15 AMD's K7 bus will speed past Intel's 133 MHz: The EV-6 bus starts at 200 MHz, with capabilty for 400 EDTN

1998-10-15 MPF 98 Coverage EET

1998-10-15 Details on Merced: Three level cache and new, smaller cartridge Techweb

1998-10-14 AMD continues to challenge Intel:  Details about K7 revealed Techweb