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1998-12-30 Group may rewrite DVD rules: Is there hope for rewritable DVD? EET

1998-12-29 Intel in 1999 - Mother Shipton beckons:  Roadmap info. The Register [rm]

1998-12-29 Intel quietly cuts Celeron prices:  Unexpected price cuts took place December 6th. C/Net

1998-12-28 Marriage on the rocks: amid legal problems and diverging Microsoft and Intel are drifting apart interests. InfoWorld

1998-12-28 Microarchitecture in the ditch: ILP (Instruction-level parallelism) gives limited perfoamnce gains. Microprocessor Report

1998-12-23 AMD's secret chip revealed: K6-3 outperforms PII according to AnandTech

1998-12-23 W. J. Sanders III -- AMD CEO's flair for the dramatic keeps company in the spotlight: Executive profile. Techweb

1998-12-23 Katmai is Pentium III: Discarded name bounces back at Superbowl... The Register

1998-12-23 AMD K6-3 to achieve volume in February:  Sharptooth head to head with Katmai. The Register

1998-12-22 Intel to slash Celeron prices: ..when the 366 and 400 is released. Techweb

1998-12-22 Expect emphasis on integration, speed to continue: Next year in the PC business. Techweb

1998-12-22 Cyrix clarifies it's roadmap to the heights: 400 MHz processor due in Q2. The Register

1998-12-22 New chips will speed up notebooks: PII and Celeron notebook chip news. Techweb

1998-12-21 Intel will release new four-way Xeon: 2 MB cache version finally due in January. Techweb

1998-12-21 Intel to debut 400 MHz Celeron on Jan 4:  Introduction plans accelerate. EBN

1998-12-21 Intel sets price war: Challenging AMD in sub $1000 PCs. MercuryCenter

1998-12-21 Intel makes Scrooge-like Celeron pricing decision: Celeron prices cut right after Christmas. What a surprise... The Register

1998-12-21 Intel ushers in new design: Katmai on the way. InfoWorld

1998-12-21 ZDNet speculates a little too much:  Celeron will not use the 100 MHz bus quite yet. The Register

1998-12-21 Rambus gives licencees incentive for success: 400000 Rambus shares to be sold at bargain price. EBN

1998-12-21 Intel touts new chipset technology:  Camino and Carmel on the way to a desktop near you. Techweb

1998-12-18 AMD powered missile hits Intel quarters in Baghdad: Or: Is Intel really led by Saddam Hussein? The Register

1998-12-18 Intel to debut 400 MHz Celeron: To be introduced January 4th Techweb

1998-12-18 Chip cavalcade coming from Intel:  Product introductions in January -99 C/Net

1998-12-17 Test version of Windows 2000 due: 16000 beta testers will soon receive a new trial version. C/Net