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1998-06-29 Xeon debuts: New features include 36 bit adressing allowing up to 64 GB memory (partly also supported by Pentium Pro!). The 440GX chipset and MS440GX motherboard are also launched Techweb

1998-06-27 Xeon workaround being tested: Intel has developed a workaround for the Xeon bug which is currently being tested Techweb

1998-06-25 Xeon bug confirmed: Intel confirms that the new server chip contains a bug which appears when used in four processsor servers using the upcoming 450NX chipset. They expect to be able to fix the problem in a few weeks C/Net

1998-06-23 Potential bug clouds Xeon release: In trials, Xeon servers using four processors have occasionally frozen, according to sources. It is not clear whether the problem lies in the Xeon chip or the 450NX chipset C/Net

1998-06-22 Intel steps up price cut pace: Intel will cut Xeon prices before the chip has shipped. (Coppermine is also mentioned.) ZDNet

1998-06-22 Chipset licensing deals speeds up: In what looks like a move to show the FTC it can play fair, analysts say Intel will license PII technology to three top chipset makers Techweb

1998-06-22 Rambus DRAM tests starts: System tests of Rambus memory devices with transfer speed of 1.6 GB/s has started Techweb

1998-06-18 Celeron plans changed: In addition to the current Celeron SEPP package, the Mendoocino will be available in a new cost-reduced 370-pin socket package ZDNet

1998-06-16 Intel's media adventure: Ron Whittier, general manager of Intel's content division gives the go-ahead for a multi million investment in the music company Launch Media ZDNet

1998-06-16 Xeon shown on PC Expo: In september Intel will launch the Xeon 450 C/Net

1998-06-12 Intel invites the press to Xeon introduction: On June 29th the Xeon will be showcased at the Santa Clara headquarters Intel

1998-06-09 FTC goes after Intel: Not unexpectedly, the FTC slapped Intel with an antitrust lawsuit on Monday. Some analysts think they may have a tough job winning ZDNet

1998-06-08 FTC ready to vote on Intel: The Federal Trade Commission is expected to vote on whether to take action aganst Intel on today C/Net

1998-06-05 New Celeron and price cuts due: Intel is expected to cut prices and launch the 300 MHz Celeron on Monday C/Net

1998-06-04 Intel redraws 32 bit roadmap: Intel officials announced wednesday that delivery dates and clock speeeds for Tanner, Katmai and Celeron have all been accelerated ZDNet

1998-06-02 FTC recommends antitrust suit against Intel: : According to sources close to the case, the FTC top litigator is recommending the commision sue Intel for alleged antitrust violations Techweb