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2004-12-31 Tyan Nforce 4 AMD boards ready to roll The Inquirer [rm]

2004-12-31 Intel's dual core Smithfield two slabs together The Inquirer [rm]

2004-12-31 Nforce 5 to clock Pentium 4 bus to 1200MHz The Inquirer [rm]

2004-12-31 ATI's SLI to work without connector The Inquirer [rm]

2004-12-31 Intel starts sampling 600-series chip, AMD moves ahead on dual-core Opteron DigiTimes [rm]

2004-12-31 Mu-Card Alliance's new 2-terabyte 'µcard' ready to go! DigiTimes [rm]

2004-12-30 JVC preps dual DVD/Blu-ray disc: Triple-layer sandwich The Register [rm]

2004-12-30 Intel: EM64T and AMD64 the same, practically The Inquirer [rm]

2004-12-30 X-bit Watch: History of Microprocessors from the Dawn of Times, Till the Dawn of Dual-Core: Also: Sharp's 3D Monitor Reviewed, Intel Pentium M Functions Under Linux Xbit Labs

2004-12-30 AMD's Dual-Core Opteron Processors May Reach 2.40GHz Speeds: AMD's Dual-Core Server Plans Sketched Xbit Labs [rm]

2004-12-29 Tulip sells Commodore for vast sum The Inquirer

2004-12-29 XGI's New Low-End Part to Sport Memory Sharing Tech: XGI's XG47 to Copy TurboCache, HyperMemory Approaches Xbit Labs

2004-12-29 Dual core Opteron speeds, power revealed The Inquirer [rm]

2004-12-29 Intel to incorporate EDB security in several CPU lines in 2005 DigiTimes [rm]

2004-12-28 PlayStation 3 GPU: NV40 and NV50 Hybrid with XDR DRAM, Says Report: Peculiarities of PlayStation 3 Graphics Chip Emerge Xbit Labs [rm]

2004-12-28 The Mother of All CPU Charts Part 2: We continue to trace CPU history by detailing AMD's path from its Athlon debut to its Athlon64 glory. We then conclude with the mother of all charts, comprising 3,300 benchmarks for CPUs since 1995. ... Tom's Hardware

2004-12-28 The Mother of All CPU Charts Part 1: Forget about the thousands of magazine articles and forum discussions on CPU performance. It's all here now in black and white: We are about to offer you 3,300 benchmarks for CPUs since 1995. But befo... Tom's Hardware

2004-12-28 More Performance: The New Power Supply Standard, ATX12V 2.0: Here we go again - another new power supply specification, with more connectors and more pins to confuse matters. Do the old ATX connectors fit into the new 24-pin connectors? ... Tom's Hardware [rm]

2004-12-28 ATI's X850, X800XL available in weeks The Inquirer [rm]

2004-12-28 ATI to introduce X300 with Hyper Memory The Inquirer [rm]

2004-12-28 XGI makes dash for graphics cache The Inquirer [rm]

2004-12-28 Intel rushes to fix Alviso bug The Inquirer [rm]

2004-12-27 Presler - Intel's Mainstream Dual-Core Desktop Chip: Intel's 65nm Dual-Core Chip with Vanderpool, LaGrande Possibly Got its Name Xbit Labs [rm]

2004-12-27 An in-depth look at Dothan: Intel's Pentium M Sudhian [rm]

2004-12-27 JVC develops BD/DVD disk to ease Blu-ray transition EET [rm]