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2004-07-31 Intel Confirms Pentium 4 580 (4.00GHz) Delay Xbit Labs [rm]

2004-07-31 Intel Preps New "Extreme Edition" Chips for Socket 478, Socket 775 Xbit Labs [rm]

2004-07-31 IBM preps new Xeon kit, returns to iSCSI game The Register [rm]

2004-07-30 Xbox 2 to arrive sometime or other The Inquirer [rm]

2004-07-30 ATI on Shader Model 2.0b The Inquirer [rm]

2004-07-30 Intel delays 4GHz Pentium 4 The Inquirer [rm]

2004-07-30 The plain unvarnished Intel Lindenhurst story: As told by Charlie The Inquirer [rm]

2004-07-30 64-bit WinXP set-back forced Intel to delay 4GHz P4?: 580, 590 affected The Register [rm]

2004-07-30 Intel 'Nocona' Xeon to get 'no execute' support The Register [rm]

2004-07-30 Microsoft confirms WinXP 64 first half of 2005 The Inquirer [rm]

2004-07-30 Microsoft: Buy 32 bits, get 32 bits free C/Net [rm]

2004-07-30 Taiwanese Graphics Startup to Stretch Out PCI Express Transition: XGI to Produce PCI Express GPUs in 2005 Xbit Labs [rm]

2004-07-30 Lindenhurst's sad tale of woe, woe, woe: Lindenhurst is Lindencursed The Inquirer [rm]

2004-07-30 Microsoft's CEO: "No new Xbox in Next Year" [UPDATED]: Microsoft's Senior Exec Denies New Console in [fiscal] 2005 Xbit Labs [rm]

2004-07-29 AMD launches Sempron ahead of schedule, to boost K7 motherboards DigiTimes [rm]

2004-07-29 Nvidia wins big Medion deal The Inquirer [rm]

2004-07-29 The Last Word on EV7z Shannon knows High Performance Computing [rm]

2004-07-29 XGI to mass produce native PCI Express graphics chips in early 2005 DigiTimes [rm]

2004-07-29 Intel keeps schtum on Lindenhurst promise The Inquirer [rm]

2004-07-29 Does Sempron herald end of Athlon XP? The Register [rm]

2004-07-28 Intel: common Xeon, Itanic chipset by 2007 The Register [rm]

2004-07-28 ATI Brings High Definition Gaming to Mobile Users: Leading Developers Agree, MOBILITY™ RADEON™ 9800 brings notebook graphics performance to unparalleled levels ATI [rm]

2004-07-28 AMD Sempron™ processors AMD [rm]

2004-07-28 Windows XP64 delayed to next year: Blow for AMD, but no conspiracy... The Inquirer [rm]

2004-07-28 Does Intel Lindenhurst chipset have DDR-2, PCI Express problems? The Inquirer [rm]