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2005-12-31 AMD-Intel server market faces Woodcrest vs F-Step scrap The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-30 Most expensive driving 'simulator' ever arrives The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-30 European super-GPS looking good The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-30 Intel's great 'leap' forward boosts Apple: Intel's Yonah processor is expected to be seen in Apple's offerings products in the first quarter of 2006, as both firms headed directly toward the home entertainment category. EET [rm]

2005-12-30 Intel goes public with new swish logo The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-30 Intel's Pentium Extreme Edition 955: 65nm, 4 threads and 376M transistors:  Intel's first 65nm processor has now launched, but the question is what can a 65nm process, 4 threads of execution and an incredible 376 million transistors brin... AnandTech [rm]

2005-12-30 Intel leaps into new branding strategy: Seeking to boost its image in the consumer markets, Intel Corp. plans to revamp its rebranding strategy and will unveil a new name for its next-generation, notebook-based microprocessor line. EET [rm]

2005-12-30 'Intel Inside' out as company launches a new slogan: Intel plans to overhaul its 37-year-old name logo and drop its popular "Intel Inside" tag in favor of a new image. The new slogan, "Leap ahead," will be unveiled Tuesday. ComputerWorld [rm]

2005-12-30 Intel is ready to "Leap Ahead":  We linked to a story yesterday which talked about the possibility of Intel ditching its 14 year old "Intel Inside" tagline in January of 2006. Considering that the branding has helped Intel to becom... AnandTech [rm]

2005-12-30 Via to give Intel kicking on DX9, PCI Express - report The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-30 Xbox 360 Taking $316 Loss Per Unit?: A high ranking friend at IBM, one that worked on the Xbox 360 chip design, tipped us [Gamershell] regarding the real expenses involved in manufacturing the Xbox 360, and when we mentioned the $126 Mic... VoodooExtreme [rm]

2005-12-30 Intel VIIV 1.5 and 2.0 revealed The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-30 High-Speed RADEON X1800 XT Require New Print Circuit Boards: Manufacturers Have to Redesign Graphics Cards to Overclock ATI's Latest Chip Xbit Labs [rm]

2005-12-30 Intel takes wraps off new logo and post-Pentium branding: In anticipation of the upcoming CES show, Intel unveils a new logo and tagline, as well as some new pieces of their post-Pentium platform branding initiative. Ars Technica [rm]

2005-12-29 Intel unveils new logo in brand overhaul: The world's biggest chipmaker said on Thursday it will scrap its 37-year-old logo and well-known tagline as part of a major rebranding that will emphasize its shift away from its core PC bu... Reuters [rm]

2005-12-29 S3 Chrome S27 Graphics Processor Review: Worthy Performance for Its Class?: S3 Graphics again attempts to re-enter the market of graphics cards once again with a new chip that boasts new levels of performance and efficiency. S3 has come ... Xbit Labs [rm]

2005-12-29 ATI RADEON X1900 Graphics Cards Surface:  X-bit Labs has posted some commentary on what Chinese website HKEPC claims to be images of an X1900 graphics card (R580). AnandTech [rm]

2005-12-29 R580, Radeon X1900XTX works at 695/1550MHz The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-29 Nvidia's G71 has 32 pipes and 16 ROPs The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-29 At Long Last, Browser Inventor Has His Own Blog: Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the browser, has picked up some blog tools and started his own blog. Developer Pipeline [rm]

2005-12-29 Next ATI chipset has four pipelines, X600 like graphics: Four is better than two The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-29 SUN's UltraSparc T1 - the Next Generation Server CPUs:  SUN's Ultrasparc T1, formerly known as Niagara, is much more than just a new UltraSparc. It is the harbinger of a new generation of CPUs, which focus almost solely on Thread Level... AnandTech [rm]

2005-12-28 Blizzard of Microsoft software expected in 2006 The Inquirer [rm]

2005-12-28 Samsung to show HSDPA cell phone at CES: Samsung plans to demonstrate at CES its first cell phone compatible with HSDPA fast data download. ComputerWorld [rm]

2005-12-28 Vista December 2005 CTP (Build 5270) Review [Continued]:  Paul Thurrott has finished up his look at the latest CTP release of Windows Vista. Part 2 covers the bundled applications included with Vista, Part 3 details the features o... AnandTech [rm]