2005-12-30 Xbox 360 Taking $316 Loss Per Unit?: A high ranking friend at IBM, one that worked on the Xbox 360 chip design, tipped us [Gamershell] regarding the real expenses involved in manufacturing the Xbox 360, and when we mentioned the $126 Mic...

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2005-11-22 Xbox 360 Xbox 2 is also known as Xenon and said to be named Xbox 360. Said to use ATI R500 derivative graphics and a IBM 64-bit PowerPC 976 processor with three cores on one chip. Both processor and graphics chip work in big-endian mode. Xbox Next and Xbox Next HD shows up in second half of 2005 while Xbox Next PC (a fully fledged PC) shows in autumn 2006. Launched in a special MTV-show in May -05 and shipped in November this year. Previously known as Xbox 2.