2000-10-30 Intel Roadmap Shows Little Rambus Support: RDRAM removed from all but high-end workstations by mid 2001. Almador and Brookdale replaces 820 and 850.

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2001-H1 Micron Samurai DDR-SDRAM chipset for Pentium 4 and Athlon. Includes the Mamba northbridge with 8MB L3 cache. The Samurai will probably not be released. Shogun and possibly Scimitar will take it's place.

2001-07-18 Intel Pentium III 1.20 Pentium III shrunk to 0.13um process starting at 1.26 GHz

2001-09-10 Intel 845 Chip set for Willamette first launched with SDRAM support. Includes the new ICH-3 hub featuring two ATA-100 ports and six USB 2.0 ports. DDR support added in Q1-02. Formerly known as Brookdale.

2001-H2 Intel Almador Low cost chip set with integrated graphics for Willamette. Supports SDRAM and DDR-SDRAM. Delayed due to uncertainties about the new graphics port.

2002-05-06 Intel 850E High-end chip set for Northwood, previously known as Tehama-E, using the 533 MHz front side bus. Still uses the ICH2 south bridge with 4 USB 1.1 ports. PC1066 RDRAM is now (Oct -02) even offically supported...

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