2002-09-03 Intel consolidates desktop chipsets: Desktop roadmaps

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2002-10-07 Intel 845GV Updated version of 845GL with added support for the 533 MHz bus.

2002-10-07 Intel 845PE/GE Two new chipsets with 333 MHz DDR-SDRAM support. Identical to 845 E and G, except DDR333 is supported, while PC133 is not. Graphics is faster (266 instead of 200 MHz core). Both chips are pin compatible with 845G.

2003-05-21 Intel 865PE/G/P Dual channel DDR 400 chipset with around 6.4 GB/s bandwith formerly known as Springdale. Supports both the new 800 MHz bus, and the present 533 MHz one. Includes the new Communications Streaming Architecture (CSA) for direct connection between the north bridge and the Intel PRO/1000 CT Gigabit Ethernet chip.

The new, matching ICH5 south bridge includes 8 USB 2.0 ports, two Serial ATA ports, two ATA/100 channels, six channel AC97 sound, and (unfortunately) legacy support. The enhanced ICH5R south bridge ($3 more) also adds RAID 0 (striping) support. A recent software update has now also added RAID 1 (mirroring) support to the R version.

Available as 865PE ($36), 865G adding Extreme Graphics 2 ($41) and 865P limited to 533 MHz and DDR333 support ($33). For RAID versions add $3.

Related to Intel 875.

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