2002-12-02 Epox Nforce2 and 2700+, Epox KT400 boards reviewed

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2002-10-01 Nvidia nForce2 Upgraded version of nForce, now with USB 2.0, DDR-400, the 333 MHz FSB, 3 Firewire ports, 3Com 10/100 Ethernet, Dolby Digital decoder and Ultra-ATA 133. To be launched in four versions, GT, G, ST and S. The G-versions with GeForce4 graphics, and the T versions with Firewire support. Graphics said to perform at the Geforce4 MX 420 level.

2002-10-03 Via Apollo KT333 and KT400 Athlon chipsets supporting the 333 MHz FSB, AGP4x, 4 GB of DDR333, USB2.0 etc. The KT400 additionally features AGP8x and a 533 MHz internal bus.

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