2004-03-26 Nforce 3 to come in PCI Express flavour

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2003-04-23 Nvidia nForce3 Pro nForce chipset for the Athlon 64. Integrates north and south bridges in one chip as the memory controller is in the processor. Includes eight ports of USB 2.0, Serial ATA, Raid, and Gigabit Ethernet. Available in two versions, one full Crush K8S (nForce3 Pro 150), and one Crush K8 without Gigabit Ethernet and S-ATA.
A version with added graphics will be added in Q3.

2004-06-01 nVidia nForce 3 Ultra MCP More advance than, but pin-compatible to nForce3 Pro 150, adding Gigabit Ethernet (250Gb), 4xS-ATA 150 etc. Supports dual processor configurations of 939 and 940 pin Opterons. RAID 0, 1, 0+1. AC97 audio. Previously known as nForce 3 Pro 250 / 250Gb.

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