2004-06-03 Sun, Fujitsu to collaborate on Unix servers

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2005-11-14 Sun Niagara Blade processor including 8 Afara-created (simplified UltraSparc I) cores on one die. Each core handles 4 threads and supports Switch on Event MultiThreading (SoEMT) like Montecito. Launched in 2006. (Previously said to be based on UltraSparc V cores). Named UltraSparc T1 at release.

2006-H2 Sun Rock High-end version of Niagara.

2006-H2 Fujitsu SPARC64 VI Dual core version of SPARC64 V built in a 90 nm process. Said to show in late 2005 or early 2006.

2006 Sun UltraSparc VI New Sparc chip. Related to the Sparc64 VI chip due to Sun/Fujitsu cooperation.

2006 Sun UltraSparc V Runs at more than 1.8 to above 3 GHz and is built using a 90 nm process. Five times faster than UltraSPARC III. Previously planned for 2005.

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